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Welcome to the 2015 Credit Recovery Program website.

This is a secure website and any information you share with us will be handled with care. You are here because you were sent a notification in the mail about your pre-qualified status through the Credit Recovery Program. In order to complete the process, we will need you to answer a few simple questions, about the vehicle you would like to purchase, after you have entered your personal PIN code and a valid phone number. You will NOT be asked for any personal credit information during this process and it only takes a couple minutes.

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We are excited to give you the opportunity to build upon your existing credit and help you locate the vehicle that best suits your needs. You were not selected randomly for this offer. We chose you for this pre-qualified offer based on the information in your recent credit history. We believe that if you are currently employed and your situation hasn’t changed drastically within the last few months, you could be driving down the road in your new car in no time at all.

Note: This offer is only valid at the authorized partner dealership listed on your notification.


"I just went through a divorce and never thought my credit would recover. But then I got the CRP letter. Now I'm making payments on my new car and my credit score is getting better each month!" -Sheila D. Tampa FL

Finance Managers

"Just because there are a few missed payments, doesn’t mean you can’t buy a car. As a Finance Manager, I've been helping people get into a new car when they never thought they would be approved on this program." -Greg P Dallas TX